Revised structure

Here we set out a revised structure of categories in the Discourse forum, proposed July 2022.

Top-level categories are listed here, with links to further descriptive pages. Top-level categories fall into three **segments of the forum** - the U P P E R C A S E headings below. These segments of the forum are marked using timeframe Tags.

Eleven top-level categories are defined, as below.

For each top-level category, a **Circle** is defined which is responsible for creating, monitoring, moderating or responding to posts. The circle is identified by text in `code format`.

R I GH T . . N O W - Help & news - FAQs - `Product circle` - Help - Support desk, status updates, fault reporting, coop announcements - `Product circle` - News | reports - News & information across sectors of the community. Including newsletter, public events and commons.hour sessions. Responsibility for sections of reportage lies with various actors `Product circle`, `Community circle`, `Entire community`

O N G O I N G - Comments & deliberations Threads of deliberation and enquiry around present and future practice, within the framework of **Circles**, including: - Using BBB - Practices, protocols and UX in the BBB platform space - `Product circle` - To be added xxx - Using media spaces Practice, protocols and UX in the forum and the Handbook.- `Organisation circle` - To be added xxx - Tech - `Tech circle` stuff: features and affordances of platform tools, including current issues and future development - To be extended xxx - Product - `Product circle` stuff, including recruiting and supporting User members. Also federating regional infrastructure. - To be extended xxx - Organisation - `Org circle` stuff, including financial sustainability, contribution economy and routine internal admin - Community - `Community circle` stuff: formaciĆ³n - developing organisers' collective capability in the wider community. Notably in hosted venue spaces like comons.hour - To be extended xxx

O N G O I N G - Stewarding & protocols - Stewarding - Board business, general assembly business, all-hands business. Votes & polls, other admin related to assemblies - `Org circle`, `Board`, `All-hands`- To be added xxx - Handbook - Principles & protocols regarding: political economy, social relations, assemblies & deliberations. Repository of reference documents - `Org circle`, `Board` - To be added xxx


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